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If you like active relaxation and exciting puzzles, Escape Rooms are the perfect free time activities for you! This adventure is both an exciting challenge and a thrilling team game. Your logic, combination and communication skills will be put to the test. To find the way out and solve the mystery of an Escape Room, you have to search for hidden clues and connections between them. Discover hidden abilities that you may not even know you possess. Put your team together and try it out now!
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The Raven Guild has you as the newest initiates to the elite Raven Guild. However, when leader Lucretia St. John passes away, it’s up to you to revive h...
The year is 1988. You are high-schoolers trying to find out what happened to a classmate who’s gone missing at Hardin House—you know, the house with all...

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Escape Rooms Online

Stuck at home with nothing to do? Online escape rooms might be what you are looking for. Authentic escape room experience, a real team building game, the new generation of escape rooms. Distance is no barrier anymore, take control of the game master remotely and see and hear everything through their camera.
MWAHAHAHA! Only a few pieces left to completing our destruction ray gun targeting Megatropolis. We must act fast, though – the chemical compounds in the...
You were in the park and a man ran past you being chased by a few men in suits. As he ran by he ditched this briefcase in a nearby bush. Its been a coup...
The G.B.I has deployed your team to investigate the lair of a known Anonymous hacker. While on the scene, your team soon discovers a sinister plot to co...
It all began in September 1922 when five men camped in the woods of Leatherwood Creek. These men made plans to rob the bank at Eureka Springs. One of th...
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